Design professional with over 17 years of experience with a diverse creative background from establishing brand strategy through innovative product design and merchandising. Known for providing effective visual graphic assets for branding and marketing to leading projects and managing and inspiring creative teams. Motivated and driven by results that are measurable by clients increased brand exposure and revenue growth. Dedicated to helping each client achieve their unique and desired goals. 


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Creative Direction
Graphic Design
Product Design
Product Development & Sourcing
Website / Mobile Design


Fashion, Sports, Lifestyle,
Restaurant, Retail, Entertainment, 
Health, International, Corporate,
Legal, Tech, Consumer Packaged Goods, 
Start-Ups, Small Biz, B2B

Creative Contribution:

Globe Footwear
Fallen Footwear
Lakai Footwear
Habitat Skateboards
Instrument Skateboards


"I had the pleasure of working with Aaron Hoover during the inception of the Habitat Footwear program.  During this time I gained a strong sense of his work ethic and dedication to create epic product.  Not only does Aaron have the ability to create solid design direction but he has a working knowledge of the intersection of design & marketing to hit revenue targets.  The right guy to take a product category to the next level."
- Joe Babcock, Director of Product - Nixon Watches


"I've known Aaron for many years now and consider him to be one of the premier footwear design directors in our industry.  He's a multi-talented individual who's work has been an inspiration to many including myself.  He has a strong work ethic and is extremely dependable.  Aaron is a true leader who always makes time for others.  I would highly recommend Aaron to any organization looking to enhance their team and get to the next level." 
- Kelly Kikuta, Design Director - Adidas Golf


"I have watched Aaron grow into the super designer he is today for the last 15 years.  Aaron has been on both sides of the board- creating/ developing major cosumer brands, and exciting, new products.  He is a do(er) not afraid to learn something new in order to get a job done.  He is also a proven leader- driving his staff to provide innovative solutions to product challenges, managing budgets, production schedules, and resources.  He leads by example and has never been afraid pitch in at any level to get the job done.  His career has given him vast experience in overseas manufacturing, sourcing, and price negotiations.  He handles the ever- changing landscape of his industry by leveraging these relationships to deliver quality products- on time and on schedule.  Aaron continues to be an inspiration to his employees and his friends making him a valuable asset in any organization."
- Jason Arnold, Creative Director - Wicked Cool Toys

"I found Aaron to be a very well-rounded, productive and respected team leader.  The thing that probably impressed me the most about Aaron was his versatility.  Aaron started out his career as a graphic designer and when I worked with him he was the Design Director of the Lakai footwear brand.  Not only had he transitioned into product design, but was tasked to set the overall direction of the product line as well as manage other designers on his team.  At all these he excelled.  It’s not easy to find people who have that range in their skill set and can still work productively and effectively.  Further, I found Aaron’s personality and approach to be a great asset to the working environment.  Aaron was a pleasure to work with and a strong leader." 
- Charlie Manos, VP of Footwear - Sole Technologies


"Aaron is one of the rare talent & a great person that I had met in this industry.  He is always focused & he has extensive knowledge & experience in soft goods industry.  Well balanced in all aspect of design, management, & teamwork.  He has the impressive ability to lead a design team & translate the right product for the ever-changing market.  His great personality that can excel and lead at any environment; he is simply the most genuine person while being a great designer.  It was great experience working with Aaron!"
- Howard Lu, CDO - HAUS Design International


"I had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with Aaron at Habitat Skateboards.  Aaron is a talented designer in both apparel and footwear.  Aaron brought a wealth of experience and creativity to the role.  He was a great partner to me in my sales role.  He is a talented designer, manger of time and expectations.  Aaron was extremely deadline conscious and dedicated to the brand and his role."
- Dan Donovan, Director of Sales - DC Footwear